Bacterial Magic

One might argue that the greatest collateral damage of conventional wine making is the loss of fermentation. This might sound odd as what is wine if not fermented grapes? However, in the process of adding enzymes, selecting yeasts, inoculating bacteria, and manipulating color, texture and flavor, fermentation has been all but eradicated.* If not fermentation... Continue Reading →

A Good Egg

I did not come to Australia expecting to fall in love with eggs. Truth be told, eggs and I have been having a pretty serious love affair for a while now, but this trip has taken it to the next level. I don't know what they feed their chickens here, but the eggs they produce... Continue Reading →

That Post Where I Ramble Emotionally and Possibly Incoherently Because I Am On A Plane and You Are Always More Emotional On Planes, and Also Cause, You Know, Major Life Change, and Dad.

I'm currently sitting 30,000+ feet in the air (it should go without saying that I'm in a plane - my levitation game is not that strong yet). I'm somewhere south of Chicago right now, en-route to LAX. There I will switch planes and start the long journey to Sydney. What awaits me on the other... Continue Reading →

Delicious Surprises

Sometimes friends surprise you in the most delightful ways. Someone is coming to visit from Australia in a few days and he so generously offered to bring me half a case of Australian natural wine. I recommended a wine shop and gave him the names of some wines I was interested in trying. And then... Continue Reading →

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